Vino Bianco

Sauvignon DOC Friuli Grave – San Simone     175ml 7 250ml 9.5 Btl 25
(Friuli-Venezia Giulia)
Aromatic on the nose with citric notes of grapefruit, yellow pepper, tomato leaf,
sage and balsamic aromas. On the palate, rich, fragrant and aromatic

Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi ‘Gold’ – La Scolca    
175ml 8 250ml 11 Btl 28

Light straw in colour with delicate green hues. Intense on the nose. Long, continuous
and persistent. Fruity and floral aromas. On the mouth, broad, fruity with notes of
flint, almond and walnut flavour.

Langhe Chardonnay DOC ‘Luna D’Agosto’ – Ca del Baio    
175ml 8.5 250ml 11.5 Btl 29

The structure and complexity of Chardonnay unite with the freshness and fruitiness
of Cortese. A sort of Treaty of Union between Piedmont and the rest of the world.

Bianco di Toscana IGT ‘Bianco dei Poggi’    
175ml 6.5 250ml 8.5 Btl 22

Badia Di Morrona
(Tuscany) (Vermentino, Trebbiano)
Fresh and elegant on the nose with delicate floral and citrus fruit notes.
Crisp on the palate, soft and distinctly savoury. Ideal as an aperitif, with soft cheeses
and fish dishes. A wine to be drank while still young.

Marche Bianco IGT – Moncaro    
175ml 5 250ml 7 Btl 18

(Le Marche)
The wine has a straw, yellow colour with green tints and a fresh and fruity bouquet
with hints of citrus fruit. The flavour is fresh and harmonious. Fruity & easy drinking.

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco DOC    
175ml 9.5 250ml 12.5 Btl 32

Hints of ripe fruits on the nose including white peach, pear, typical aromas of liquorice and mineral notes. A well-structured and balanced wine showing fine fruit and mineral notes. Great with entrées or seafood and shellfish.

Falanghina IGT – Rocca dei Leoni – Villa Matilde    
175ml 8.5 250ml 11.5 Btl 29

Pale straw in colour with an elegant, fruity, and floral nose. There are distinct aromas
of grapefruit and peaches, genista and roses, and delicate notes of sage. On the palate
it is pleasingly fresh and well balanced with delicate additional aromas of almonds.

Pinot Grigio DOC – Sant’Elisa Friuli    
175ml 5.5 250ml 7.5 Btl 19

From the foothills of the Dolomites, wonderful, refreshing, proper Pinot Grigio. Bright, vibrant, crisp and simply very enjoyable!

Grillo – Tenute Orestiadi    
175ml 6.5 250ml 8.5 Btl 23

Indigenous grape to Sicily, lovely presentation and a well-made wine. We love the
exceptional value coming out of Sicily these days. The raw materials of terrific native
grapes allied to modern wine making bring racingly crunchy fruit and lemon zing and
mouth filling ripeness.

Pecorino DOP – Pasetti    
175ml 8 250ml 11 Btl 27

Pale yellow with a remarkably intense nose of citrus fruits, hints of hawthorn and
orange blossom. Full-bodied, rich, unctuous and clean, but persistent palate and
texture, with moderate acidity and pleasing mineral complexity.

Verdicchio – Ugolino    
175ml 7 250ml 9.5 Btl 24

(Le Marche)
With aromas of lemon, white peach and a hint of lime, while the palate reveals more
lemon and peach with a waxy, slightly honeyed note. This is bright and elegant with
a lovely mineral spine, refreshing acidity and a saline finish

Malvasia IGP – Donato Giangirolami (Organic)    
175ml 8 250ml 10.5 Btl 26

Totally organic juice, from the cool Colli Romani south of Rome. Apple blossom scents, honeydew and melon and a lovely clean finish. Malvasia is the grape of Frascati, if only all of them tasted this fine. Rich and crisp

Greco IGT – Feudo dei Baroni    
175ml 5.5 250ml 7.5 Btl 21

Aromatic on the nose, with hints of peaches and fresh, green foliage.
If left to age the herbal notes become even more intense

Etna Bianco Doc – Alta Mora    
175ml 9.5 250ml 12.5 Btl 32

Beautiful density of fruit that opens up to layers of dried apple, lemon and other
citrus aromas. Full body, layered and gorgeous. Complex at the end. Last minute
addition after finding this in Sicily whilst on holiday